Testimonial #1

During his years at AXA Insurance, Chris played a key role in the continual evolution of the Operations Department. He delivered significant business benefit during this time through the activity that he undertook. He has a strong focus on the customer journey and skilled at identifying areas that can be improved. Once identified, he will relentlessly pursue different avenues to deploy improvements through technological or process enhancements. This self-motivated drive, combined with a commercial acumen, ensures that there is a significant benefit to customers, staff and/or the business.

The attributes that Chris brings naturally leads to the strong level of creditability with the Senior Leadership Team. He has strong stakeholder management and is not afraid of taking on what appears to be an insurmountable challenge. Most impressively, he will continually develop his skills outside of the workplace to progress new concepts and solutions.

I would strongly recommend Chris to any organisation.

Testimonial Commentary

This testimonial was received from the head of the unit I worked for as a Business Change Leader in AXA.


Testimonial #2

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chris on numerous projects over the years including launching new products to market as well as developing established business. Chris is a natural problem solver and takes pride in finding solutions that deliver want the client needs but always with the customer outcome in mind.

Away from projects Chris can usually be found scrutinising standard processes and practices, trying to figure out what can be done better. I’ve seen first hand Chris implementing simple tweaks that have saved £000s in business expense.

Chris will be an asset to any organisation.

Testimonial Commentary

This testimonial was received from a senior business leader, with whom I worked regularly during my career there.

Robotic Process Automation

Testimonial #3

Over the last few years Chris has helped our team completely transform our admin processes. Our daily workload consisted of many different, complicated and time-consuming manual tasks but Chris has helped us automate and improve nearly all of these processes. The introduction of automated processes for handling e-mails, generating documents and printing files has massively helped us improve our efficiency and ability to provide better journeys and outcomes for our customers.

Chris has worked with us to create solutions that not only meet our needs but often exceed our expectations for what we thought was possible. He has always kept us involved with design and testing, has listened to our feedback and has always given helpful explanations for how things work. Chris also goes above and beyond with support and bug fixing, and even when we try our best to break things he is able to fix them very quickly!

Testimonial Commentary

This testimonial was received as a result of a programme of work I undertook to automate as many manual processes as possible, resulting in £230k+ savings for the business.


Testimonial #4

Chris worked in my team for 4 years as a business change leader. During those 4 years I could always trust that Chris had the best interest of the business and the team in mind. His ideas and execution were second to none and he always put 100% into his work. Chris was passionate about process improvement, so much so that he would his learn new skills in his own time to innovate and automate new/existing processes. Over the years this allowed him to make some huge time/headcount savings across the department. Chris is an amazing communicator who was brilliant at stakeholder management and peer engagement. I highly recommend Chris, he was an absolute pleasure to work with and I’m confident that his attitude hard work and determination will continue to shine through in everything that he does.

Testimonial Commentary

This testimonial was received from my manager from the last 4 years in my role as Business Change Leader.